Horseride to Husitský church in LučkaHorseride to Husitský church in LučkaHorseride to Husitský church in LučkaHorseride to Husitský church in LučkaHorseride to Husitský church in Lučka


  • Number of people4
  • Length22
  • Time240
  • DifficultyAdvanced
  • StartLipovník
  • TargetLučka
  • Price60€
Non Rider - does not know how to ride a horse
Beginner - Can control the horse independently at the trot
Advanced - can independently control a horse at a canter

Adventure on horseback

On the way to the Husite Church in the village of Lúčka, you find yourself in the midst of charming nature. Wide meadows and quiet forests surround you, while majestic hills emerge in the distance. The sun warms your face, and every step of the horse brings a new view.

The ruins of the Husite church breathe history and exude the unforgettable charm of the spirit of the past. Moreover, the church is set in captivating nature, amidst the hills of the Slovak Karst and the Volovské Mountains. The location is quite remote, so you generally won't encounter crowds of tourists here. Therefore, the Husite church above the village of Lúčka is suitable for peaceful contemplation and connection with nature.

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Accompanying programme to the event

Our service includes a fun horseback ride, guaranteeing an exceptional experience for all participants. Our disciplined horses ensure safety, with experienced guides ensuring smooth communication with them. With a wealth of experience in organising a variety of events, from village days to private parties, we can tailor our service to suit a wide range of requirements. The maximum number of horses per event is five, allowing for a personalised approach whilst maintaining a high standard of safety.


Walking stride

For beginners, we offer a step walk that can be adapted to the needs of each visitor and is even suitable for children from 3 years of age with parental accompaniment. This walk offers not only a safe encounter with horses under the guidance of experienced guides, but also the opportunity to admire the magnificent view of the castle in Krásnohorské Podhradie and the beauty of the surrounding countryside. We provide an intimate atmosphere with a maximum of 3 people per walk so that everyone leaves with an unforgettable experience.


Walking at a gallop

For experienced riders and galloping enthusiasts we have prepared a galloping ride that connects Lipovník with Krásnohorské Podhradie or Krásnohorská Dlhú Lúka. This approximately 4km long route passes through picturesque meadows and dirt roads, where you can enjoy the feeling of freedom and liberty in rhythmic movement with nature, as if you were dancing with it. The walk is designed for a maximum of two people, which guarantees an intense experience and a personal touch, while you will also feel the fresh wind competing in your hair.


Multi-day walk

For true adventurers, even less experienced riders, there is the possibility to diversify your hikes with a tent, which has its own charm in nature. After a busy day on horseback, relax in your tent and enjoy the quiet night and tranquility that this amazing nature provides. Enjoy the sunset and sunrise, as well as the beautiful starry sky and be part of this wonderful landscape. We are confident that our adventurers will have plenty of unforgettable memories and stories from this adventure. The itinerary will be customized according to the client's requirements by telephone booking.The price includes technical camping arrangements, a barbecue dinner and breakfast, snacks for the next day and drinks. Maximum number of persons is 4

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